Battling The Odds: Stories Of Success Of Indigenous People

Ask any person their impressions on indigenous people all around the world. Often, you will hear about a story that involves their struggles with community issues such as education, housing, human rights, and more. What you won’t hear is their stories of hope, stability, prosperity, and success. You may not be familiar that indigenous people

Aboriginal Community – What Do You Know About Them?

You get to know aboriginals or the indigenous people through different sources. There are newspapers, popular media, as well as the internet. You recognize that these natives usually live on an island or forest where they have a simple lifestyle. These people depend on horticultural and hunting, and that is not something you can do

The Misconceptions About Native American People (Part II)

In line with all the stereotypes that people have about the Native Americans, these indigenous people are still trying to make a living that represents a different view from the world. Honestly, they have been trying to change the way people look at them ever since. But sadly, not all individuals welcome the reality of

The Misconceptions About Native American People

It is hard for most people to accept some of the ways of the Native Americans due to the list of misconceptions out there. These people often feature a much different form of their culture. Unfortunately, the popular belief about them includes an incredible amount of errors. The sad part is, there are only a

All About Indigenous People

We know that indigenous relate to the origin. It is where we describe natural habitants that initially reside in an area. It could be a plant, animals, and people. But for other people who do not seem to care and understand, the word indigenous connotes a different meaning to them. That is especially when describing

My Take On The 2014 Columbus World Conference Of Indigenous People

  Source: After attending the 2014 Columbus World Conference Of Indigenous People, I finally gathered sufficient knowledge about this group, which actually make up more than 350 million people and can be found in around 70 countries in the world. Indigenous people, as well as tribal people, have cultures, customs, institutions, and languages of

My 2015 Washington Indigenous People Abuse Awareness Experience

Source: The 2015 Washington Indigenous People Abuse Awareness opened my eyes to how indigenous people are treated. These indigenous people are subjected to abuse on an everyday basis, and they don’t even know they are being manipulated. Here are some of the things I learned while attending the 2015 Washington Indigenous People Abuse Awareness