Important Notes From The 2014 California Indigenous People’s Day Celebration

The cities that celebrated the 2014 California Indigenous People’s Day a few years back used different techniques to make the one-day event exciting and educational for all. Some invited ethnic groups to perform their traditional dances; others organized a parade to showcase the various cultures that make up a specific community.

What we appreciated most about this celebration, nevertheless, were the facts that:


It Was A Full Day Without Racism

Watching people cheer and interact with each other on that particular occasion gave us hope that there’d be a time when no one would get bullied because of their skin color, nationality, or beliefs. You see, if we could treat every day as Indigenous People’s Day, there might not be reports of racism anymore. We would all merely look out for one another without thinking about the cultural differences.

Everyone Gave Importance To The Minority Groups In Town

Some kids who were born from migrant families have often felt the need to hide their ethnical sie to avoid getting singled out in different situations. Although it’s unfortunate, it’s no secret that many indigents have gotten in trouble in the past due to their views or looks. It was perhaps during this celebration that those children became proud of where they came from since everyone’s in awe of their culture.


People Went Home With More Knowledge About A Certain Culture Than They Came With

Last but not least, the folks who participated in the event did not merely do it for the sake of fun. Many were genuinely curious about what a specific group had to offer regarding foods, beverages, fashion, et cetera. Thus, there’s no doubt that they also came home with more knowledge about that culture. That would give them an idea of how to communicate with others they’d meet later.


The next time the Indigenous People’s Day comes, don’t hesitate to join the festivities. Good luck!


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