The 2016 Washington Poor People’s March

There were several events that I attended in the past that never failed to amaze me. Almost all the activities I participated in made me appreciate the value of having great connections with the people who have the same passion and interests that I have. One of the most memorable moments that I can never forget is the 2016 Washington Poor People’s March wherein lots of people gathered to promote the rights of the less fortunate individuals.


During the said event, I learned a lot of lessons from my co-attendees. The activity was an excellent reminder for everyone to exert continuous efforts in improving the lives of those who have less in life. Below are some of the smart things that you can consider if you want to help the poor:

Donate Clothes

Sometimes, all you must do is to clean up your room and identify the clothing or garments that you can no longer use. Do not hesitate to gather all these items and donate them to poor families. This simple action can already bring in so much joy to these individuals.

Organize A Food Drive

Did you know that the residents of poor urban communities have low nutrition? This is why they tend to get sick quickly. Unfortunately, most of these persons do not have a sufficient source of income that will enable them to buy food. As such, help them by organizing a food drive wherein you can offer free meals or even groceries to the beneficiaries.

Give Free Education

If you have what it takes to offer a scholarship to deserving poor students, it is best if you commit yourself to sponsor one child every semester or every academic year. The choice depends on how much you can sponsor for free education. Take note that excellent education is the key to success.

Make a promise to yourself to help the poor, especially when they are in need.



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