The Misconceptions About Native American People

It is hard for most people to accept some of the ways of the Native Americans due to the list of misconceptions out there. These people often feature a much different form of their culture. Unfortunately, the popular belief about them includes an incredible amount of errors. The sad part is, there are only a few of them left that can voice out their dismay and dispel the myths surrounding the rest of the Native Americans. But what are those misconceptions we are talking about? Here is some of the list.

The Misconceptions

Native Americans often receive stereotyped descriptions based on popular media. There is the tomahawk, feathers in the hair, always with a bow and arrow, and such. The specification supports the idea where these Native Americans are always ready to scalp someone’s head out of nowhere. However, the truth about these people is that they live in harmony and peace. They know how to communicate and respond to people regardless of the list of opinions about them that are below-the-belt. It is just sad that the length of the propaganda in making them look savage and war-hungry people entirely worked out in history.

One thing that a lot of people believe these Native Americans to be is the idea that they are primitive people. The view of their society is limited only to a third-world country. While there is a truth to this belief, it does not represent the totality of all the Native American tribes. That is because some of them have a very advanced society where they practice trading, farming, as well as learning medicine. Not because these people do things differently; it does not mean they are not keeping up with the modern progress of the world.


Not all Native Americans live in Teepees. People often get the wrong impression of generalizing all indigenous people to living in well-build teepees. But that is never near the truth. A lot of Native Americans live in more comfortable and permanent dwellings. Though it is not something that individuals would see every day, at least most of these Natives’ are not that unknowledgeable. In fortunate instances, a lot of them are better in building and constructing sturdy huts and small houses.

One of the popular myths that most people still believe up until today is about the Native American’s extreme enthusiast in smoke. With that, it associates directly with these Native people’s love for drugs. Well, in some instances, they do sometimes smoke peyote. It is a spineless cactus that is not something that gets used for recreational purposes. Legally, only the Native Americans are allowed to use it for spiritual and religious services or any other similar applications that there may be.


Native Americans may still follow their traditions and preserve their ways, but it does not mean they are still living in a life without knowing. With global technological advancements, most Native Americans already adapt to modernization. These people are now more engaging, well-aware, self-disciplined, well-mannered, and educated as well.


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