The Misconceptions About Native American People (Part II)

In line with all the stereotypes that people have about the Native Americans, these indigenous people are still trying to make a living that represents a different view from the world. Honestly, they have been trying to change the way people look at them ever since. But sadly, not all individuals welcome the reality of how these Native Americans are doing in the current generation. Well, perhaps we can’t blame the majority of people because that is what school teaches them and popular media shows as well. It is precisely part of their history to look at indigenous people differently. With that, a list of misconceptions appears to be the basis of all.


Primitive Medicine

Apart from people’s misconception about Native American’s way of living, their medicinal practice gets no exemption as well. The first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think about the indigenous people’s healthcare ways seems correlated to Shaman beliefs. It is where the inclusion of spiritual and magical practices appears noticed. There are always these strange and color grabbing performances, bizarre rituals, and brutal skin-slicing methods that seem subjected to people’s questioning. Well, perhaps that is due to the film industry that tries everything to create something and then sell it to people as facts. But real talk, the Native Americans’ herbal practices seem to be very useful. That is why science becomes interested in testing some of the indigenous people’s medicinal ways.


The Indian Royalty

It is a bit funny because a lot of people believe in history that Native Americans follow royalty. Perhaps that is due to the wrong translation or misinterpretation of movies around the world. Maybe it is due to the idea that some light-skin African-American women are Indian princesses or whatever. Honestly, this misconception just came out of nowhere, and nobody, even in any Native American tribes, can explain where all the beliefs came from. There is entirely no truth at this. Contrary to that, the chiefs or head of the clan is not born with the position. The village leaders get chosen by the rest of the members of the tribe provided with the standards of excellence and wisdom.


Nature Worshipers

It is no secret that many people are under the impression that indigenous people are worshiping nature. Honestly, there is a slight truth to this, but it is not entirely that accurate. The explanation of why there is a misconception with Native Americans worshiping nature is their respect for the things on Earth. Yes, their religious beliefs are extremely in tune with nature, but they do not worship it. The thing is, there is a wide range of gods and spirits that they opt to believe are powerful enough to represent such different areas in life. These include courage, prosperity, love, and even death.

Native Americans are not that obsolete in any way that most people think of. Honestly, they have a better grasp of technological advancement. Most of them are now getting along with people in the cities too. Though they remain loyal to their tradition, these indigenous people are welcoming the changes to their traditional ways.


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