Thoughts Of An Adoptive Mother: I Am Her Mama


The 2019 Adoption Event has opened my eyes more to what I needed to do. I had to make a difference in another child’s life, a child that is not my own and did not come from me but will be loved by me without conditions. Yes, I have decided to adopt a child, a little boy or girl, and I will love that child as if he or she were my own.

I am 26 years old, single but with a very loving partner. When I was six, my mother died in a car crash in the Philippines. No one wanted to take me in within the family because my mother had no siblings. She was an only child. When one of her cousins, who lived in the US, heard that I was being orphaned, she made all arrangements possible and adopted me. That woman is my aunt and mother, whom I call Mama Belen.


She raised me right and provided everything that a little girl to a young lady needed in life. I love her so much, and while I would, from time to time, look for my birth mother, she was always there for me, like a mother was expected to be. She did not make me feel like I was not her real daughter. In fact, she made me feel like I came from her womb and that she carried me for nine months. That was how she was for me, and I also wanted to be like that for another child.

And now, I am going back to my home country and will be adopting a cousin of mine, my mother said. Her parents were killed in the earthquake, and she is left all alone, just like me once. Nobody wanted her, but I do. I want her. And just like my Mama Belen for me, I will love her, and I will cherish her. I will give her the life that she deserves because I am her Mama, and I will be carrying her for the rest of her life.


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