The Stubborn Nature Of Humans During The COVID-19 Pandemic

We are in a state of a pandemic crisis. That is the reason why we are now practicing social distancing protocol. Some parts of the countries in the world are on lockdown, and more people are experiencing travel restrictions as well. With those particular things, we know that there is something wrong in the world. And any moment, some of us can get infected if not careful. We understand the danger of carrying around the virus in public places. But how come some of us entirely do not care about the whole situation?


The Anti-Mask

With all the health reminders available on news and social media, there are still many people that pretty much do not understand their roles to their community. These individuals are the “anti-mask” that recently brings chaos to public areas like malls and grocery stores. Perhaps some think that putting a cover on their faces is stupid, unfashionable, or unnecessary. And what is funnier is that these people believe that wearing it against their will is comparable to their rights being taken away from them. Seriously, who on earth would think that way? Despite the availability of information given to these people about the possible danger of the virus, they still believe that wearing a mask is unnecessary. Really, why?


The Protesters

Of course, the World Health Organization communicates with all the government sectors of each country. That is why there had been some safety measures that were handed over to every nation. These include physical distancing, home quarantine, frequent hand washing, use of sanitation, wearing a mask, and travel restrictions. But some individuals believe that these safety measures only serve the benefits of the few. That is why these people protest, and we often see them on the streets shouting and yelling about nonsense. They complain and blame the government for being strict. In an even funnier view, some people think that it is the government’s fault that the virus existed.


The In-Denials

Perhaps it would be rude to say that these types of individuals are the dumbest of them all. However, they are. These people believe that the virus doesn’t exist. They think that people who died from COVID-19 are fakes. These are the ones who don’t listen to authorities and often start nonsense arguments with others. What is even astonishing is that most of these people are educated (but not well-mannered). Perhaps that explains why they tend to feel entitled not to follow and listen to strict protocols. Sometimes, these individuals are the number one rule breakers. Other people can’t deal with them because they stick to their own truth with regard to the pandemic situation.


The Self-Proclaimed Spiritually Knowledgeable

It would be a little below the belt to include these people on the list. But in reality, these self-titled spiritually knowledgeable individuals exist in this time of the pandemic. These people are the combination of the anti-mask, in-denials, and protesters that entirely believe this situation is in the hands of their faith and religion. At some point, that is not entirely a big deal. But too much from them can bring insanity and heightened levels of anxiety and stress to others. These people are irrational and impulsive. They act to the situation as if they are vulnerable or something. Honestly, you can’t blame them because they believe the strength of their religious faith determines the possibility of them not getting infected with the virus. But seriously, how could anyone even put their religious belief in front of an unknown enemy that already infected thousands and killed hundreds of people in the world?


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