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Thoughts Of An Adoptive Mother: I Am Her Mama

The 2019 Adoption Event has opened my eyes more to what I needed to do. I had to make a difference in another child’s life, a child that is not my own and did not come from me but will be loved by me without conditions. Yes, I have decided to adopt a child, a

Loving And Adopting A Native Boy Just Before COVID-19 Spread

Before this COVID-19 thing started, I welcomed to my home a child from the Philippines with Manobo blood. Manobo, in that country, is a cultural minority living in the coastal areas of Mindanao, the Philippines. It is said that they have a Malay descent, but for me, I do not look at a person’s skin

I Love Being A Pathologist

I was so ecstatic that I was able to attend the 2019 Pathology Conference. As an enthusiast on anything about science, the pathology field was like rainbows and unicorns for me. For real – if I read, see, and hear anything about pathology, my eyes have hearts in them. Kidding aside, I enjoy it, hence,