Category: The Indigenous People’s Right To Be Implemented

The Misconceptions About Native American People

It is hard for most people to accept some of the ways of the Native Americans due to the list of misconceptions out there. These people often feature a much different form of their culture. Unfortunately, the popular belief about them includes an incredible amount of errors. The sad part is, there are only a

All About Indigenous People

We know that indigenous relate to the origin. It is where we describe natural habitants that initially reside in an area. It could be a plant, animals, and people. But for other people who do not seem to care and understand, the word indigenous connotes a different meaning to them. That is especially when describing

My Take On The 2014 Columbus World Conference Of Indigenous People

  Source: After attending the 2014 Columbus World Conference Of Indigenous People, I finally gathered sufficient knowledge about this group, which actually make up more than 350 million people and can be found in around 70 countries in the world. Indigenous people, as well as tribal people, have cultures, customs, institutions, and languages of

My 2015 Washington Indigenous People Abuse Awareness Experience

Source: The 2015 Washington Indigenous People Abuse Awareness opened my eyes to how indigenous people are treated. These indigenous people are subjected to abuse on an everyday basis, and they don’t even know they are being manipulated. Here are some of the things I learned while attending the 2015 Washington Indigenous People Abuse Awareness

The 2016 Washington Poor People’s March

There were several events that I attended in the past that never failed to amaze me. Almost all the activities I participated in made me appreciate the value of having great connections with the people who have the same passion and interests that I have. One of the most memorable moments that I can never

The Value Of Indigenous People And Their Culture

All around the world, the rights of indigenous people are being trampled on. They lose their homes to mining corporations. Unjustified attacks kill off so many in the indigenous family. And, little by little, their unique culture is beginning to disappear. “These worlds don’t just tell us what to think and feel and do,” says

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